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Welcome to my web blog where you can read some of my blog essays, learn about my offerings and download my book, “Ten Developmental Themes of Mindful Leaders” as a FREE pdf file.

If you are a fellow change agent for sustainability solutions and/or greening initiatives and would like to explore possible collaborative projects, please contact me. Presently, I’m particularly interested in connecting and collaborating with others on greening faith based communities and homeowner associations (HOAs) (e.g., sustainable landscaping, green infrastructure, green buildings, renewable energy, EV charging station, etc), especially in North Carolina.

“Active Hope is not wishful thinking.
Active Hope is not waiting to be rescued . . . .
Active Hope is waking up to the beauty of life
on whose behalf we can act.
We belong to this world.
The web of life is calling us forth at this time.
We’ve come a long way and are here to play our part.”

Joanna Macy, Active hope